Goldfish - 3 Sec Memory USB (2GB)

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Goldfish is an electronica and dance group hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, consisting of Dominic Peters and David Poole.

They create dance music containing elements of jazz and African music and have released a number of albums, including Perceptions of Pacha and Get Busy Living.

Goldfish was named "Best Pop" at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2014 amongst countless other achievements.

Three Second Memory is an album that embodies the sounds, textures and emotions of the world we live in providing a living sound track to life as we know it, right at this moment.

Written over a two year period, and with the collective creative efforts of many talented musicians, Goldfish have crafted a brilliant musical work that perfects the bond between digital and analog.

1. Three Second Memory
2. Followers of the Beat
3. One Million Views (feat. John Mani)
4. Choose Your Own Adventure (feat. Emily Bruce)
5. He’s Crazy (feat. Emily Bruce)
6. Away Game
7. Giant Leap (feat. Monique Hellenberg)
8. Moonwalk Away
9. Trees and Jets (feat. Monique Hellenberg)
10. Drive Them Back To Darkness
11. Take Back Tomorrow
12. Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) [Goldfish Remix]

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Goldfish - 3 Sec Memory USB (2GB)

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